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Buy Social - good 'how-to' guidance from Northern Ireland

Updated: May 8, 2018

By Tania Pouwhare, Social Intrapreneur, The Southern Initiative

Northern Ireland’s Buy Social website is one of the most useful, practical resources on social procurement and employment I’ve found on the internet. The various guides (check out the Resources section of the website) have valuable, universally applicable advice such as preventing ‘gaming’ of the system, considerations at each stage of the project lifecycle, model text and clauses (that we’ve adapted and used) etc., and things we’d like to develop in the future like their formula to calculate labour market insertions. The Buy Social Toolkit is a particularly good all-round resource.

We also like their philosophy which is embedded in “diversity, equality and inclusion”. It’s a consistent theme in all their communications, sending a clear message to stakeholders, beneficiaries, contractors etc. about the purpose of Buy Social.

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